Why ProJets Should Be Your Air Charter Provider


Company History

ProJets, Inc. is an established FAA 135 Certified Air Carrier with a proven track record of success and safety with roots in the aviation business dating back to 1976. The founders are still the owners of the company and have made aviation their profession for more than 30 years. Our home base is the Clark Regional Airport, a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. We own and operate a full service FBO and a 33,000 Sq Foot FAA Certified, jet & turbine aircraft repair station which provides most of the maintenance for our fleet. Having quality ground support readily available adds to our ability to service our charter customers with confidence that our safety and on time records can be maintained.


Safety Record

ProJets safety record is impeccable. Our all jet and turbine power aircraft fleet is operated and maintained by experienced professionals who take pride in being the best in the transportation industry. Your safety is our first concern and our record shows it.


Flight History

We have successfully flown over 12,000 flights. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of fairness and integrity. We have developed a bond of trust within the community. Our on time record is one of the best in the industry and relied upon by many successful and demanding organizations across the US. Our fleet of meticulously maintained aircraft and exceptionally well trained and experienced pilots will make your travel experience both pleasant and safe.

Flight Crew Training and Experience

All ProJets flight crew members train at Flight Safety International in FAA approved level C and D flight simulators. All instructors are reviewed and approved by ProJets management on a regular basis and check airmen who perform the periodic re-qualification testing of our pilots are observed and approved by the Principal Operations Inspector from the Flight Standards District Office of the FAA. All ProJets crew members participate in full service training and qualifying programs and train to the highest standard of safety in the industry. Every crew member has earned the Flight Safety Pro-Card, the highest safety award available and only awarded to true professionals for excelling consistently during all phases of training. The average crew member has over 6,000 hrs flight experience, mostly in jet and turbine transportation category aircraft, and all captains are airline transport pilot "ATP" rated, the highest rating the FAA offers.


Personal service

One call to 800 PRO-JETS (776-5387) will connect you to our knowledgeable, courteous professionals who can arrange your travel needs no matter where you are or what your destination. Our charter schedulers are working 24 hours a day seven days a week to assure you the safest and most comfortable aircraft available. Our aircraft can be ready to depart within the hour and if needed we have an extensive network of safety audited and approved vendors we can call on to supplement our fleet. This cooperation with other established FAA Certified Air Carriers adds to our ability to assure you safe and convenient air travel even during the busiest peak periods without sacrificing your precious time searching for an alternative.


Our Aircraft

Our meticulously maintained aircraft fleet consist of both Learjet and King Air aircraft. These aircraft allow ProJets to accommodate the range and type of trip you plan in comfort and economy.



Our FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station, organized and managed under FAA Part 145 Repair Station Regulations, assures customers that maintenance and inspection procedures are followed and documented by technicians that are properly trained and certified. Our Repair Station Certificate includes LearJet, Citations, Beech jets, and King Airs. For over 30 years Aircraft Specialists has been maintaining and inspecting airplanes with a reputation that keeps customers returning. Our dedicated and experienced technical staff specializes in all types of repair and servicing, from routine inspections to the most complicated system troubleshooting.